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Infos for tenants

Looking for a furnished apartment? A temporary, modern and comfortable flat? What you search, we will find.

Just enter your wishes and you will see all objects available with lots of information and photos. Please make your choice and send us the registration form. We do not charge a commission. 

Registration - after you have registered with us you will receive accommodation offers from us per e-mail, fax or telephone or if you have made your decision already, we can send you the rental contract.
You can fill in and send us the form online (online registration form), or per fax ( pdf form ).

How do I get offers?
As soon as we have your registration form we will send you offers which match your requirements (length of stay, maximum rent, size and location etc), In order to be able to find accommodation for you as efficiently as possible we need exact information about your search.

Give us as many telephone fax numbers, e-mail addresses etc., as you can, please, so we can reach you in time.

How do I get viewings?
Viewings can be arranged through us or directly with the landlord.

Rental contract
Before signing a contract please discuss the important details of rental period and use either with us or with the landlord.

Hand over
When you move in any defects present in the apartment should be noted in a hand-over protocoll. You will avoid unpleasant discussions at the end of the lease about defects which were already present at the beginning of the tenancy. If any further defects come to light at the beginning of the tenancy, report them immediately to us or to your landlord. There is usually an inventory list which helps to make the hand-over and return of the apartment easier.

Return the property as you received it
You can avoid many problems if you take this principle to heart.

How much is the deposit?
For apartments rented through us the deposit is usually 2 months rent including the extra costs. For shorter periods the deposit is usually only one month's rent. The legal maximum deposit is 3 month's rent.

How do I pay the deposit?
Usually the landlord and the tenant try to find the simplest most efficient method for them, since it is only a temporary rental and the tenant often wants to move in on the same day. Usually the money is paid directly into the landlord's bank account.

How will the deposit be returned?
Usually it is transfered to the bank account of your choice.

Important terms and abbreviations

ab sofort - Immediately available

Altbau - Historic building, often with high ceilings

App. - Apartment - one-room-flat with integrated kitchenette and its own separate bathroom

Bj. - Baujahr - Year of construction of the building

Betriebskosten - Overheads, running costs, or apportionment of indirect costs, such as facility insurance, garbage collection, property management, etc.

Blk. - Balkon - Balcony

DG - Dachgeschoß - Top floor

DHH - Doppelhaushälfte - Semidetached house

Duplexgarage - Duplex-garage, two parking spaces on top of each other, each one can be used separately by a hydraulic system.

EBK / Einbauküche - Fitted kitchen, build-in kitchen

EFH - Einfamilienhaus -  Single family house

EG - Erdgeschoß - Groundfloor

Etagenheizung - Self-contained central heating

Inkl. - inclusive (incl. Running costs)

Kabelanschluss - Cable-TV

Kaltmiete - Basic rental charge, (rent excluding utilities and operating costs)

KT - Kaution -Security deposit, (max. 3 rental charges, excluding heating costs).

Kü - Küche -Kitchen

Laminatboden - Laminate flooring

Maisonettewohnung - Maisonette, self-contained flat on two levels

möbl. - möbliert - Furnished

MM - monatliche Miete - Monthly rent

Nfl. in m² - Nutzfläche in m² - Usable floor space: incl. all spaces such as balkony, terrace, cellar, which are not fully calculated into the residential area/ living space.

NK - Nebenkosten -Utilities and operating costs ( Heating, warm water, etc.)

OG - Obergeschoß - Upper floor

Parkettboden - Parquet flooring, wooden flooring with diffrent pattern.

Prov. - Provision - Brokerage commission

Qm - Square metres (m²)

RH - Reihnhaus - Townhouse, row house, attached house

Untermiete - Sublease

TG - Tiefgarage - Underground parking garage

VB - Verhandlungs Basis - Amenable to negotiation

Warmmiete - Rent incl. utilities and operating costs

Wfl. in m² - Wohnfläche in m² -  residential area/ living space, (smaller than the usable floor space = Nutzfläche, e.g. Balkony counts 50 %, Terrace 25 %; living space with a ceiling height under 1 m and cellars are not counted at all).

Whg. - Wohnung - Flat, accommodation

WG - Wohngemeinschaft - Flat-sharing community

Zentralheizung - Central heating system

Zi. - Zimmer - Room


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