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Instruction of revocation and data protection

Revocation rights:
You can recall your contract within 14 days in text form (e.g. per post, fax or email), without having to state your reasons. The deadline begins after the receipt of this instruction in text form, not however before the closing of a contract and also not before the fullfillment of our duty to inform in accordance with Artikel 246 § 2 in conjunction with § 1 Abs. 1 and 2 EGBGB and our duties according to 312e Abs. 1 Satz 1 BGB in conjunction with Artikel 246 § 3 EGBGB. Timely dispatch of the revocation is sufficient for the observation of the revocation period. The revocation is to be sent to:

Markus Hengstler Immobilien
Markus Hengstler
Weberstr. 20
72622 Nürtingen
Tel.: 07022 - 789560
Fax: 07022 - 7895622

Revocation consequences:
In the event of a valid revocation each party shall return to the respective other party the benefits received and other usage drawn as the case may be (interest for example). You will have to pay compensation if you are unable to return the benefits received completely or only partially or in a worse state. This can nevertheless lead to the contractual financial obligations being due, for the time period up until the revocation. Commitments for payment reimbursements must be fullfilled within 30 days. The deadline begins for you with the sending of your revocation and for us when we receive it.
Special note:
The rights of revocation expire prematurely, when the contract, by your specific request, has been completely fulfilled by both sides, before you have executed your right of revocation.

Data protection:

You will find all information according § 3 Abs. 1 BDSG  on our German Website.

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